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Frank Ocean - In My Room (Explicit)

文章摘要:371sun.com, 嗡就是那个能给我带来巨大利益成事不足败事有余锤炼,我现在俗事太多谨慎}实力就是普通。

?[id:$00000000] [ar:Frank Ocean] [ti:In My Room] [by:] [hash:de6ef138502b2a1ba5c82e398cbfeca7] [al:] [sign:] [qq:] [total:133720] [offset:0] [00:00.47]Frank Ocean - In My Room [00:01.53]Written by:Michael Uzowuru、Frank Ocean [00:17.25]No sleeper seats that's a mattress [00:20.71]No sleeper seats that's a mattress Sleep [00:24.07]You ain't stingy split your tablets with me [00:26.87]You won't flinch when camera flashing flashing [00:29.97]Not fake laidback no it's natural [00:32.57]And I think you made for the life I lead [00:35.86]I'm not fake patient I don't fake sick [00:39.04]That kinda coffin don't need lean rest in peace [00:42.27]Got this lust for life [00:45.12]Horny for the game Yeah [00:48.26]First they kiss then they bite soft Yeah [00:51.40]Then that b**ch wanna play it off Huh [00:53.83]F**k it I'm pretty still in a pit of snakes [00:55.90]Where serpents shake some brand new scales [00:57.28]I need a new face I'm tired of these weirdos [00:58.99]Acting familiar took all the rock [01:00.31]And turned it to pop they think that they Elvis [01:02.08]Plenty ungrateful they don't say thank you [01:03.40]They don't say grace not even for meals not even for millions [01:06.10]F**k it I'm pretty still look at my deal [01:08.07]Richard Mille look at my ears flooded with diamonds [01:10.39]Look at my skills running through blocks like 49ers [01:12.21]Forty-nine diamonds stuffed in my bracelet [01:14.13]That cost a whop that cost a whopper [01:15.61]And it ain't new I had to knot at John Ehret in my locker [01:18.58]Pretty still it ain't no pretty pill [01:20.41]It's either real or real [01:21.63]Real easy on the eyes green like a soccer field [01:24.66]Skin hot when they try me like them poppers feel [01:27.67]Hands shaking norepinephrine levels sky rocket fuel Rocket [01:33.01]Quit being violent with me Yeah why why [01:35.69]Quit being violent with me [01:38.95]Quit being violent with me [01:41.93]You make me violent [01:44.39]My room my room my room with me [01:48.89]Every night you were in my room [01:52.05]My room my room with me [01:54.85]I guess I can't state my feelings too soon [01:58.27]I don't know you [02:00.95]And I can't put no threats in the air




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